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Nursery Curriculum - Autumn Term

Our Topics this Term are:

Autumn 1st Half: Getting to Know You/Getting to Know Us

Autumn 2nd Half: Ourselves/Our Families/Babies

On going: Growing

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • We will learn to identify happy and sad expressions.
  • We will separate from our carer, with support, and settle in nursery.
  • We will try and learn to do things for ourselves, asking for help when we need it.
  • We will begin to develop an awareness of our own and others’ needs and feelings.
  • We will learn to play alongside other children and care for each other.

Physical Development

Through the use of large and small equipment, both indoors and outdoors, we will gain increasing control of our bodies and will become aware of how to negotiate the space and objects around us.

We will begin to be independent in self care.

Language and Communication

We are beginning to talk and listen with each other and play together.

We will listen and respond to the stories the adults read to us and we will begin to develop understanding of basic concepts.

We will learn new words and use them in basic sentences. We will begin to ask questions.


We will share books with adults and other children, and talk about the pictures and begin to focus on the print.

We will learn to recognise our names.

We will experiment with mark making in all areas and we will begin to give meaning to the marks we make as we draw, write and paint


We will match, sort and compare number of objects in two groups and recognise when sets are the same, different, more or less.

We can select a small number from a group and recite numbers in sequence.

We are noticing simple shapes in the environment and learning the names of simple 2D shapes.

We are playing with and arranging different shapes in block play and construction.

Understanding of the World

We are developing vocabulary to describe how things feel to touch.

We are looking at facial features and simple body parts.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be learning simple action rhymes about body parts and matching movement to music thinking about what parts of our bodies we use to play a variety of musical instruments.

We will be hand and foot printing and drawing our faces.