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How you can help

  • Encourage your child to be as independent as possible at home by letting her/him do things such as eating, washing, dressing etc. by themselves, giving guidance as and when necessary, for example with zips or shoe laces.
  • Please help your child to remember to bring their book every day
  • Share books with your child as often as possible.
  • Encourage them to develop counting and problem solving skills in the context of their everyday experience by, for example, letting them help count out food items to put in the shopping trolley, or work out simple problems such as the number of fruit needed so there are enough to give one to each family member etc.
  • Try and talk to your child about what they have been doing at school
  • and praise any paintings, models, drawings or other work they bring home.
  • As the weather gets colder please make sure your child comes to school each day with a warm/waterproof coat, and that all garments are clearly labeled.