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Nursery Curriculum - Spring Term

Our Topics this Term are:

Spring 1st Half: Rhymes and Songs

Spring 2nd Half:  Animals

On going: Growing

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This term the emphasis is on making relationships, self confidence and self awareness plus managing feelings and behaviour.  Various activities and resources will be used to develop these areas, to encourage the pupils to play in a group, enjoy the responsibility of carrying out small tasks and to become aware of own feelings and other people's feelings.

Communication and Language

This term we will be focussing on:

  • Listening and Attention by listening to others in small groups and listening to stories. 
  • Understanding by use of objects e.g. 'What do we use to cut things?'
  • Speaking by use of a variety of questions e.g 'what, where who' and simple sentences e.g. 'Mummy has gone to work.' Also we will begin to use more complex sentences to link thoughts.

Mathematical Development

By using number rhymes, counting objects in rhymes and simple number games the pupils will develop the use of:

  • number names and number language
  • recite numbers in order to 10   
  • identify how many objects in a set
  • begin to represent  numbers using, fingers and marks on paper.

We will also be studying Shape, Space and Measure.  Through various activities the pupils will start to show an interest in shape and space, similarities of shapes in the environment and positional language.

Understanding of the World

We will be looking at:

  • People and Communities through  lives of people who are familiar to them and significant  events in their own experiences.
  • The World - playing with small world models such as a farm, garage or train.  Noticing detailed features of objects in their environment.
  • Technology - operating simple equipment and showing an interest in technological toys with knobs and pulleys and real objects such as cameras or mobile phones.

Physical Development

In Physical Development we will be looking at:

  • Moving and Handling by using activities such as mounting stairs, climbing equipment throwing and catching a large ball so that pupils move freely with pleasure and confidence.
  • Health and Self Care e.g.telling adults when they are hungry or tired, observe the effects of activities on their bodies.


We will be sharing stories with the pupils and encouraging them to use stories in their play.  We will read labels in the environment and talk about the marks they make when they paint, draw and write. 

They will continue taking books home. 

We will be encouraging pupils to recognise and write their own names, with help make books of activities they have been doing using photographs as illustrations, and looking at writing for a purpose e.g shopping lists, messages etc.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring and using media and materials through singing rhymes and songs, moving to music and the use of construction materials and  describing the texture of things.

Being Imaginative will  be explored through preference for forms of expression, use of movement to express feelings and creating movement in response to music.  Composing simple songs, making up rhythms and role play.