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Nursery Curriculum - Summer Term

Our Topics this term are:

Summer 1st Half: Mini-beasts

Summer 2nd Half:  Stories

On going: Growing

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we will learn to play co-operatively, taking turns with adult support and responding to what other children are saying or doing.

Through activities such as ‘Week-End News’ and ‘Show and Tell’, we will be encouraged to talk freely about our home and community.

We will be encouraged to think about other people’s needs and to adapt our behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routines

Communication and Language

We will be encouraged to :

Listen to stories with increasing attention , making comments and  responding to questions.

Respond to simple instructions, e.g. to get or put away an object and begin to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.

Question why things happen and give explanations, using a range of tenses and learning new words.

Physical Development

We will learn to negotiate space successfully when running or using cars, bikes  and scooters, adjusting speed or direction to avoid obstacles. We will practice skills such as standing on one foot or jumping off an object and land appropriately.

We will learn to use a pencil with good control to copy some letters, e.g. from our name.

We will continue to practice putting on coats and aprons independently and fastening buttons.

We will talk about the importance of eating healthy foods e.g. trying to eat  5 pieces of fruit and/or  vegetables every day. We will discuss other good practices with regard to exercise and hygiene, e.g. washing hands when handling food.



We will be expected to listen to stories with increasing attention and encouraged to describe the characters, the setting,  the events and predict how the story might end.

We will focus on the print in books and the environment and we will begin to recognise familiar words such as our own/other children’s names and labels around the classroom.

We will do phonics activities related to rhyming and sounds.


We will talk about the marks we make when we draw and paint and we will be encouraged to write our name on our work.



We  will compare groups of objects saying when they have the same number and begin to solve simple number problems, e.g. in the context of number rhymes, games or role play.

We will begin to represent numbers through activities such such as  making simple number books.

Shape and Measure

We will be encouraged to identify and describe the shapes we use when we draw pictures and make models and we will talk about the shape and properties of everyday objects, beginning to use the vocabulary related to size, length, weight and capacity.

Understanding of the World

We will learn about the important jobs people do in our  community such as shopkeeper, police officers, fire fighters etc.

We will be planting seeds and observe and describe how and what they need in order to grow.

We will have the opportunity to use digital cameras and  complete simple programs.

We will explore the different sounds that instruments make.

We will create simple representations of events, people and objects

Expressive Arts and Design

We will explore colour mixing and combining different media to create new effects.

We will learn simple songs and sequence of movements.