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Reception Curriculum - 2nd Half Summer Term

Our Themes for this Term are:

 1st Half: Life Cycles and Growing

2nd Half: Fairy/Fantasy Tales and Changes

Communication & Language

  • The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Cinderella
  • The Gruffalo
  • Changes (by Anthony Brown)
  • The Selfish Giant
  • Eid Story

Discuss favourite part of the story

Talk about expectations in Year 1

Make up own fantasy character, work with partners and in groups

Asking own - how, why questions

What should the new Reception children need to know?

Visit the Nursery and talk with them.


  • Use connectives and adjectives to write about their own fantasy character instead  of a troll that may be under the bridge.
  • What is fact and fiction?
  • Use WOW words
  • Visit Nursery for reading sessions with younger children.
  • Make a brochure for new children about Reception Book reviews.




  • Measuring height of beanstalks
  • Make a long/short bridge
  • Positional vocabulary including directions.




I.C.T. - Cross Curricular

see Autumn Term

Understanding the World

  • Eid- Importance of the Moon
  • Design and make own troll/fantasy character to live under the bridge - what materials do you need?
  • using staplers to make own book.


  • Investigate bridges
  • Enhance presentation and images for own book by using ICT.

Food Technology:

  • Fresh fruit monster
  • Salad
  • Banana lollies with fantasy hundreds and thousands

Expressive Arts & Design

  • Make own fantasy character
  • Plan and design - paint/collage/3D model
  • Use own resources
  • Evaluate own and other's work
  • Make a display
  • Dressing up like a character
  • Role play fantasy characters

Physical Development

  • Health and fitness
  • Ability - ball chasing
  • Static balance
  • Floor work
  • Move like their own fantasy character
  • Sports Day practise


Physical, Social & Emotional Development

  • What is it like to do something new?
  • Are changes good for us?
  • Keeping safe in the holidays
  • Asking for help and knowing when our friends need helping
  • Helping the new Reception children get ready for next year

Global Dimension:

  • Charity Work

Golden Rules:

Choose Golden Rule to revisit

Information for Parents

  • Please send your child to school with a named water bottle which they can access throughout the day. 
  • As the weather gets warmer please make sure all garments including sun hats and water bottles are labelled. 
  • If children come to school with  an umbrella on wet days please take it home when the children enter their classrooms. 
  • In wet periods we would be grateful if your child has wellingtons to bring them to school to change into when playing outside.  Please ensure that your child's name is in the wellingtons.