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Year 1 Curriculum - 1st Half Autumn Term


Pupils will be studying a selection of fiction and non-fiction books:

  • Rama and Sita
  • Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Drip
  • Gingerbread Man


  • Number facts
  • Shape - 2D and 3D


Pupils will be studying:

  • seasonal changes e.g. Autumn 
  • animals including humans


  • Using beebots: positional and directional language.
  • Local area - map work.


  • The history of dinosaurs.
  • Significant events in history
  • Black history month - Stevie Wonder and Scott Joplin.

Design Technology

Make gingerbread man's coat

Religious Education

Special days and foods:

  • Harvest
  • Rama and Sita story
  • Diwali Assembly

Art & Design



Paint a setting for characters from the Gingerbread Man.


Exploring sounds:

  • Body percussion
  • Live music performing for Christmas.

Explore duration:

  • long and short sounds on percussion instruments (Tuned and untuned)

Physical Education



Real FUNS PE: Personal skills


We will be looking at class rules and routines