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Home Learning

Please help your child to remember to bring their book bag to school everyday and to check your child’s comment book; writing a comment or signing that you have shared the book.

  •  Share books with your child as often as possible. These may be the school home shared reading books or a favourite book at home including those in a home language.
  • For home shared reading books to be changed your child’s books and comment book must be in school.
  • If the book is lost or destroyed you will be charged for the cost of the book. The charge for a destroyed book is between £3 and £5 depending on the book.
  • Please help your child with their home learning activities however do not complete them for your child.
  • These are sent home weekly. 
  • They will be collected in weekly ( your child's class teacher will let you know which day)
  • Try and talk to your child about what they have been doing at school and praise any work they bring home to show you.