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Year 2 Curriculum - 1st Half Spring Term

The topics this term are:

Great Fire of London & Gregory Cool


Great Fire of London 1666:

  • Trip to the National Archives, Kew



  • Multiplying/ Times Tables
  • Position and direction linked with ICT and Geography
  • Fractions
  • Division
  • Halves/Doubles


Animals including Humans


An Island home:

  • Geological features of an Island
  • Similar and different - compare area in Britain


Taking photographs with a digital camera

Art & Design

Great Fire of London - using different media and materials:

Religious Education

Festivals - Easter

Learning from stories from different religions:

  • Ibrahim's God
  • Sulayman and the valley of the ants
  • David and Goliath
  • Judah who always says no
  • Siddhartha and the Swan


  • Exploring pulse and rhythm (food topic)
  • Exploring pitch: high and low 

Physical Education

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Balance
  • Ball Skills


Dreams, needs and wants.