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Year 1 Visit Kew Gardens

The Year 1 children and teachers spent a drizzly day in Kew Gardens. 

The beginning of the journey was stressful.  As when we arrived at South Acton overground train station, we were greeted by the announcement that all trains had been cancelled!

We then walked to Acton Town underground station and travelled to Turnham Green then on to Kew Gardens.  The rain continued throughout the day but that did not dampen the children’s awe and wonder at seeing the pagoda and peace gardens which they had learnt about at school.  We rested here and ate our mid-morning snack on dampened grass. 

After walking for what seemed an age for some of them, we arrived at the tree top walk.  The stairs proved challenging but arriving at the top and walking round the pathway, seeing the tops of the trees and some of the Gardens was amazing. 

We then walked on to the Climbers and Creepers play area and sat on yet more damp grass to eat our lunch.  The children then went off to play in the covered play area for about an hour. 

After we went on to see the much-hyped Hive.  It was a very interesting metal-structured installation, which stimulated the senses.  As we left, we were met by Harriet, who gave us an interesting talk about bees and how they support the environment.  We smelt honey and listened to the various sounds bees make when in and out of the hive.

Hometime beckoned, so we walked the longish walk back to Victoria Gate, passing the Palm House and great lake.  We were back in time to meet parents and carers, and go home for a much needed rest!